Salted Pig Snout in Strong Brine

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Product data

Brand name: ROSITA
Origin: Sweden
Handling: No cooling needed
Shelf life: At least 1 year
- 60 liter plastic barrel 50 kg net per barrel, 300 barrels per container
- 22 liter plastic pail 15,9 kg / 35 lbs net per pail, 786 pails per container

Entradia`s ROSITA Salted Pig Snout in Strong Brine is delivered in the same brine and have the same superior quality as our well known Salted Pig Feet in Strong Brine.

Our ROSITA Salted Pig Snout in Strong Brine is adapted for a hot climate with a shelf-life of one year. The product can be handled and stored without cooling facilities and is ideal for regions where such facilities are scarce.

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Pig Snout
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